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I make videos documenting my life. I intensely enjoy creating an experience through my videos that draws from my own, while also playing with that dynamic and making it interesting for both of us. Often included are my girlfriend Jenna, and the furry kids; Peach, Kermit and Marbles.


stress day
stress day6 oy oldin
an excited boy
an excited boy7 oy oldin
i got a new car
i got a new car8 oy oldin
family dinner
family dinner8 oy oldin
dog massage
dog massage9 oy oldin
the second part
the second part9 oy oldin
too thicc
too thicc9 oy oldin
a new chapter
a new chapter11 oy oldin
insecure dog
insecure dog11 oy oldin
hey sisters
hey sistersYil oldin
backpack boy
backpack boyYil oldin
aries season
aries seasonYil oldin
lossYil oldin
looking back
looking backYil oldin
gotta go
gotta goYil oldin
pizza break
pizza breakYil oldin