5 Waffle Maker That Will Blow your Mind!

Joylandi 12-Mar, 2019
7 Ice Cream Gadgets put to the Test part 2 - uz-tv.com/tv/video-IbJwUqKgHkQ.html
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How to make waffles using waffle maker?
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  • I think you should pick up the Keyboard Waffle Iron for the stovetop. That's a unique experience in and of itself.

  • they're waffles of color!!! and pella sux!!! 🥞☻

  • rly wanna buy that first one

  • 12:42. "Whoa. Wheres the water coming from?" "Oh, you know what. From the fork I think". 😭😂 that part was so funny to me. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Why do you have to say Alexa set a timer? You know you set off 684,000 alexa's...

  • Why do you struggle to follow instructions? It says use the measuring cup. It says use only 1. Yet you fill it twice. THEN YOU DO THE EXACT SAME THING AGAIN.

  • "Now you can eat a spoon"

  • Crazy waffel maker

  • 9:55 who eats chicken with a waffle

  • I kind of hope this guy dies

  • Love the bowl

  • I forgot about you taras! I finally found you again!

  • kafrustr8 yung kalat amputa

  • Where is the wife ????

  • And you aint saposed to fill that first one to the top lol

  • in Russia batter must be called dough

  • He really stopped doing science 😕😕😕

  • My boi puts dough in his waffle maker

  • 5 wallfull gadgets 3 wow it make a hunting bow wow🤣🤣

  • My favorites is the waffle bowl

  • i like the way you say gadget

  • Eleven from stranger things would love this

  • Is anyone else wanting to use the waffle spoons and bowls together!

  • 1:59 *insert curb your enthusiasm theme*

  • Wet ur ice cream scoop first

  • They do waffles

  • Am I the only one getting annoyed by him calling it dough

  • The waffle bowl maker is my fave we got one as a wedding gift and it was one of my fave gifts

  • nothing is spilling while he is spilling it at the top :D I hope you enjoyed the cleaning ^^

  • I personally like the Chefman and the Presto “bowl” waffle maker because you can throw some stuff in there, like strawberries, whipped cream, syrup, or anything you like

  • 2:05 *TWSS*

  • I wanna eat that nice fluffy piece he cut off at the beginning.

  • Hans, you know what to do.

  • *BOOM*

  • That last gadget can be used to make a waffle avocado 😮

  • Your dirt cooking

  • 12:42 wheres water coming from??? 😂😂😂

  • He always make a mess in every video

  • One of them he keeps, what does he do with the rest?

  • Did he just call it dough?

  • Funny!!! Maybe too much? I like it Maybe read instructions. California

  • It's been a while man! Just was talking about you last week! I hope all is good!

  • 9:32 You could serve those waffle bows with ice cream in them as like a suprise desert when you have some friends over or wanna suprise somone, it would be a really cool way to do it.

  • I'm laughing so hard! That first waffle makers was a mess! lol

  • What do you do with the food 🤔 do you eat it or do you throw it ???!?

  • I love his accent

  • " Look at that vaffal" lol

  • i have the same one at home - the first one

  • im getting the waffle bowl now

  • You should Use your dough dispenser for the first waffle maker

  • One scoop! Just 1! Lol

  • 'I made a lil bit of a mess' you say

  • "So far I love this waffle maker, look how cool it is." Blows waffle dough all over the walls.

  • Cool video...

  • god it pissed me of how many times he said he wouldnt keep pouring and yet he kept on filling.....

  • Batter. Measuring cup.

  • like #2 👍👍👍

  • Love the vid ❤️

  • He hade four gadgets

  • Waffle Volcano or Waffle Bowl, use cake mix or brownie batter for ice cream bowls!

  • The first device you essentially made a pancake with the bottom

  • You set off my Alexa and set an alarm. Haha

  • I love these videos but the careless disregard for spilling batter all over the table and maker itself makes my OCD go insane

  • this man really set off my alexa in my room haha

  • Fakiu

  • 1:18 that middle finger

  • The first gadget the reason it was beeping on one was because it was pre heated for that level of cooking and for different levels it pre heats to different temperatures. So it was pre heated for level 5 when you said it beeped for it being done

  • he did 4 waffle makers

  • How do you make the same mistake twice in a row

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  • You are so funny 😂

  • He said 4 instead of 5

  • Try reading the instructions first? You are going to TRASH it before your first use is done!

  • the dislikes are from pancakes probably

  • The waffle bowl is cool

  • Oof

  • Step 1 is always to wash the appliance!


  • You should have washed them first!

  • Yeah, of course it's less mess, you didn't put in "Just a little bit more....."

  • Anyone else shacking their head at the video.

  • This is how many he said BOOM ||

  • Please make a video of how many times he said waffle on this video

  • Watching him mess with the first one was really frustrating.

  • But I still love CRH

  • You actual waffle head

  • Lol

  • 11:22 "But actually it works so well with my dog!"

  • hahahh uh oh.

  • How cooked do u want it

  • Whats name of first gadget

  • _O may gash what an awesome gadjick_ 3:37

  • I. Love. Everything. About. This.

  • I just come here to see the OG do his thing.

  • i put some dough in " just puts 20 dollar bills

  • least mess I've done "literally spills batter on table"

  • Wat is tat is that Ooooooof Why is it beebing

  • lol fill line.... BOOM!

  • gago !!!anong ginagawa mo ??!

  • LPT: Always read the instructions.