Giant Cup Pong With a Skylift! | Punishment edition!!

Joylandi 12-Apr, 2019
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Hey guys! In this challenge, we stand on elevated scissor lifts and play cup pong! Every cup has a punishment and we must stay up in the lift until we win!
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  • One more day until the 1 year anniversary of Bobby and Bryan kissing eachother🙂

  • at 11:13 bryan is like "IM SO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD but really kevin made it

  • U r carrying this team im so amazing

  • 7:10 They spelt “Cannon” wrong...

  • Dude Perfect would be proud.

  • 12:30 to 12:34 dude perfect

  • Skylift Box flip challenge!

  • I have seen it

  • I would like to have that Orange Juice punishment coz I like Orange Juice

  • Sal it

  • In 7:49 bobby swears

  • I have seen the suggested video BOBBY

  • Bobby : Look how tall we are right now! Me : You’re not tall you’re just elevated.

  • 5:22 is Bryan about to swear x.x

  • Guess you’ll be finding ping pong balls all over your studio .-.

  • I’ve seen it

  • How about get whitney and other employees to do a cup pong for spicy food


  • I've seen it before

  • Bad editing at 5:40 you can see that he doesn’t drink the hot sauce

  • Toon blast theme lol

  • “KOBE” “kobe is dead”

  • i have see it

  • It showed me the spice hot cup throghing challenge and I have seen that one

  • i had seen it lol

  • J Fred is the best

  • Can you guys stop being babies...

  • Bobby Ttick shoot s

  • you think that ginger is bad you dont want to know what ive done

  • Okay but would anyone else rather not see them do harmful punishments? I would much rather them get more of the random modifications to the game than them drink a lot of orange juice or eat powdered ginger!

  • Killing,,k.knklknhiuhujhuunkjunjihhjmjmk.kklk {] iimijukij,mmkimmj injnj.”8),one

  • Hey team edge my name is Aidyn and I love watching your videos and would really love to come and make a fun video with you guys. @teamedge

  • Bobby I have seen that episode.

  • When the school shorter is about to leave then the autistic kids lite up shoes goes off

  • 12:31 That was some bouncing s***

  • Big Bob's gotta pee

  • seen it


  • I have seen that video

  • HI

  • Weak I’ve tried 6 million scolville

  • We hit thossss

  • I have seen it

  • Bobbis throw was amazing

  • I've seen it

  • Do more like that

  • I would have thought that J-Fred would have been used to ginger by now, since he does all of those ginger shots when he gets sick... (I did like those "Weak Immune System" shirts, I just might have to get one...)

  • Bro I've seen it

  • Bobby it told me to watch the wing cup pong that I just watched...

  • I saw the vid in the right lol

  • i have seen the vid you said i don not watch dumb jk i love u guys

  • I've seen it before

  • That girl is so mean

  • Yes

  • I have seen it i just wach it

  • I saw th video

  • seen it

  • Bobby should join dude perfect

  • I think Joey's my spirit animal. I call tissues "snot rags" too. lol

  • I have seen it

  • Bobby face at 2:48 killed me

  • The video it recommended I have already seen

  • hi

  • Beer pon

  • I’ve seen it

  • 4:40 aren’t the lyrics Ain’t nobody dope as me I’m dressed (but I like to say “just” cause it makes more sense) so fresh so clean (then the chorus says)so fresh and so clean clean The lyrics together are- “Ain’t nobody dope as me I’m dressed so fresh so clean (chorus- so fresh and so clean clean) and then it goes onto another beginning and same end and repeats like that then I just does some other things that don’t repeat.

  • hi

  • Joey could not do the powdered sugar canon because he has hypoglycemia

  • I’ve seen it

  • I would just peee my pants

  • Giii

  • I’ve seen it

  • I have Jfreds nana got a 45 inch tv

  • I actually saw the video but I didn’t finish it

  • I’ve seen it! 😂

  • Snot rag

  • 11:45 Kevin is fat

  • Jfred I've felt your pain ginger is really bad

  • Kobe is still alive

  • I love you guys so much even if I’m 13😁

  • grear vid guys keep it up like more punishent challenges

  • It looks like they went through a e girl factort

  • ive seen it

  • Those shots where amazing 🤯

  • Nice toon blast music at 8:30

  • 8:22 J-Fred: what the challenge with the cinnamon Me:............ boi

  • “Giant Cup Pong” What, you don’t like the name beer pong? Kappa

  • Love you guys

  • Damn Bobby need a shower

  • Mine turned blue

  • Bobbys shot was a legend

  • Hi

  • 13:57 to the end they said " We should just throw this box away" What you should actually do is sell it on Ebay or just do a free give a way contest.

  • bobby it was literally the last video i watched.


  • I have seen it

  • I want to see Marvin,Kevin,and bryan

  • I've seven it no ice merch ?

  • Bobby I go fishing Friday

  • Ive already seen the vid UZ-tv requested for me or recamended