Gordon Shocked That Chef Isn't Allowed To Season His Food | Kitchen Nightmares

Joylandi 13-Apr, 2019
"Tastes like a wet diaper"
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  • 10 times better than school food where our eggs are dripping in water and are fries are ice cold


  • Walking in like a fucking fat hitman.

  • Hey Gordon, what type of WWE do you like more? Smackdown or this other thing what's it called? ,,IT'S FUCKING RAW!!"

  • Shouldnt owners be busy with developing themselfs in people skills and developing there interaction with colleges? Is this a American way of thinking cause im sure as hell i dont see this kind of behaviour here back in the Netherlands.

  • Shoutout to Gordon Ramsey for trying all this disgusting food

  • We need *N I N O*

  • Black pearl😂

  • how many wet diapers has Ramsey eaten?

  • what is the name of this restaurant

  • Steven wan funny af lmaooo

  • pound puppy faced git, publicity hungry failed footballing fuck, Ricky Gervais's words not mine 😎

  • "I thought he was a little confrontational..." Nah, dude, that's what being assertive looks like.

  • "you're a kidder" "and you are gay"

  • The gay waiter is hilarious

  • "We deTHsprately need help"

  • when the waiter says "evil devil" at around 2:00 ....his face twitches like the it was edited together

  • Yo was a flirting with him

  • Gordon confrontational? Says the guy who walked in like the god damn Terminator...

  • Everyone likes steven

  • If ChowDah doesn't cling to the spoon, it's not ChowDah!

  • Why are they not taking this serious?

  • Stephen is cute

  • My name is Stephan and my boss is sucking upto Gordons ass doing my hob for me

  • I feel like Gordon Ramsay would be an amazing guest star on WWE Raw Imagine him red in the face shouting "IT'S RAW!" As he baptista bombs another wrestler

  • Steven is a motherfucking champ.

  • Gordon drinks water Gordon: ItS DRy!!!!¿?????

    • I can't I can't😂😂😂😂

    • 😂😂

  • Gordon Ramsey although a great man and all that but... Can't say you lived somewhere for 3 months an you know it "very well". That's just barely above a long vacation.

    • +lifewuzonceezr I wish I had 3 month vacations and was in school not worrying about a damn thing. I said "above a long vacation". Also not me that goes on all these super long vacations. I work for a tourist business and we have many wealthy customers that have these very long vacations of 45 days or 2 months. I am thoroughly jealous.

    • Wow..you get 3 month Vacations?! Are you in Jr.High!?

  • What was your name again? I am mclovin

  • Why the fuck would they put 3 lots of chips for him LOL

  • His name is Nigel Leon where are you

  • No passion equals no flavour

  • So what’s his name again?

  • Bless Steven, we need more Stevens

  • Love young Steven.

  • Chef Ramsey isn’t the devil, he’s quite funny. He respects the writers as well. He is an honest man, that’s all

  • David came in looking like a complete douchebag.

  • This isn’t staged at all...

  • Wow all that food gone to waste 😲 I would eat all of it

  • But Gordon is a handsome devil

  • You’re a kidder

  • I think Restaurans should start advertising by "Gayest Waiters in Town!".

  • i live in maine. born and raised for 19 years. we season lobster rolls with salt and pepper you twat😂

  • This the New York Lobster Roll. This is the Maine Lobster roll this is the Connecticut Lobster roll and these are all shitty Lobster rolls.

  • He was the confrontational one when he walked in. Not Gordon. Gordon won't get confrontational until you piss him off and question his methods.

  • Use me as a “Steven” button

  • i wonder do the employees get fired after this ? cause they be telling it all and you can tell the owners be beyond pissed lol

  • Day 7 of asking for Nino endings to be returned

  • Gordon Ramsey Is the best good devil

  • These guys were the worst owners in the history of the show. Just awful.

  • Luckily for all mankind this place is closed now

  • Great 3am and now i wanna see the ending...

  • Steven is such a cutie tbh

  • Why would someone put salt on lobster though. Its seafood. Its already salty.

  • No buddy you walked in with a confrontational demeanor

  • Gordon Ramsay gets hangry

  • He should buy at whole food hamburger patties their got cheese and onion in it but no salt at all. And it not the same adding salt outside. They have a policy of no salt is healthy. No salt is tasteless

  • Steven should be on Broadway

  • Food: Hot Gordon: Fuck me, burns my jaw right loose Food: Cold Gordon: Fuck me that’s ice cold Food:Wet Gordon:Diaper Food:Dry Gordon:Fuck me it’s dry as hell Alrighty Gordon, let’s give you a glass of water shall we. Gordon: Fuck me it’s wet.

  • That owner David is one of the biggest tools I've seen in the entire series. He shouldn't be anywhere near anything that has anything to do with food or people.


  • 2:35 looks like Voldemort reading a newspaper

  • Steven: Banter powerhouse! Love him!

  • Gordon eats something: horrible

  • Let’s start a debate, is it Steven or Stephen?

  • *James charles has so many look alikes*

  • I don’t know why this was in my recommended but alright

  • How to make your restaurant appear in Kitchen Nightmares? Well, the first key is always make yourself delusional.

  • David needs a fucking smack across the head, what an arrogant delusional idiot

  • this episode is called Black pearl for people looking!

  • "he doesnt like much" he does, he just likes food to be good.

  • The guy at the start said Gordon wrong

  • 0:22 He just walked in like a Men in Black character

  • Hi, my name's *N I N O* by the way


  • Unhappy

  • Gordon Ramsay Should feature on WWE RAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  • Gordon Ramsay isn't a humorless sack of shit, he's a friendly passionate guy. he's more passionate than plain angry

  • Ramsey needs to walk through school kitchens and taste the disgusting food

  • STEVEN: My name is STEVEN..... Gordon: Your name's Michael.....

  • The first owner thought he was all that and a bag of chips. I hope Gordon takes him down.

  • Stephen is definitely gay.

  • Nobody: White people: Gordon Shocked That Chef Isn't Allowed To Season His Food | Kitchen Nightmares

  • I like how they referred to the first owner as that and it

  • What if Ramsey isn’t at all pickey, but he actually ends up going to bad restaurants

  • "They don't use salt or pepper in Maine" What the fuck do they use then?

  • Anyone know what episode this is?

  • my boy steven lowkey trying to smash

  • Pewdiepie would have seasoned his lobster......

  • The sound effects

  • As a Mainer I don’t condemn the Maine lobster roll in this video.

  • “It’s chewy and rich” yep that’s Mac n cheese dunno what u were expecting but that defines it to me

  • Even just by reading the title of the video I knew Ramsay wouldn't be very happy with this LMAO

  • *whAT A ShaME*


  • Use me as your Steven like button

  • My name is Steven I can help you with anything😏😉

  • Steven is so adorable and entertaining 😆🥰

  • {)_(} Bunny (0-0)

  • is he paying for it shidd gordon came to help yall yall need hip so why let that come out your mouth