I Found 9 Wedding Rings Underwater in the Ocean While Metal Detecting! $10,000+ (Returned to Owner)

Joylandi 13-Apr, 2019
In this video I go metal detecting underwater in Hawaii!
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  • Drop a thumbs up if you guys would like to see more underwater metal detecting videos! If we can reach 10,000 likes I'll make another metal detecting video in Hawaii!!

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  • Jake, you are a great person! I hope you make a video at his lake house.

  • *finds ring* “Mhmhmhmhmmmmmmhhhhhmm!!!!!”

  • Looks like a Texas A&M class ring.

  • Everytime the detector finds something I think its a dog and i'm like wth is a dog doing underwater

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  • Haha my Uncle one lost his wedding ring while he was surfing. Maybe you found it. I don't know, but congrats!!

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  • Please keep your eyes out for things like sharks.

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  • 15:58 I would've thrown it away and not told him untill later

  • So glad you found the guy, it seems to mean a lot to him. Congrats!

  • 0:06 is he humping the ocean.

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  • i thought it a dildo


  • You guys are such good finders I hope you find more treasure

  • You're the best UZ-tvr ever. Please don't ask questions?

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  • Jake, that peso coin is from the Philippines, i use that many times because i am a pure Filipino and a lot of people use coins like 1, 5 and 10 peso coins.

  • Wow man this guys reaction to his ring being found is just amazing. That's so cool that you do this. Keep it up man. Finding things that were lost forever.

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  • 6:26 kid in the background...f*ck fortnite

  • i think that was a philippines 10 pesos coin. cool!

  • "The law of Hawaii does require you to turn over any lost and found objects to the nearest police station. Some beaches on Oahu are also off limits such as Hanauma Bay, the four lagoons at Koolina, and Bellows." From detectingschool.com/metal-detecting-in-hawaii/

  • I have a question what kind of camera do you use is it a GoPro? I bought one this year and I would like to to know your opinion?

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