I Played a FAKE NikkieTutorials VIDEO GAME! OMG!

Joylandi 11-Mar, 2019
Today I’m playing a FAKE NIKKIETUTORIALS GAME!!!!! ….wait, okay… so there’s a Polish website that has used my face, looks, and outfits for a game! And today, I’m following along and doing my full face according to the game! CRAZY!!!!!! Watch to find out how this goes!
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  • *HOW CRAZY IS THIS???* ... I should create my own game some day! 🤯

    • I would literally download and play that game until I die....

    • Yesssssssssssssssssssss

    • no sis that doesn't look like u.

    • Just wait until you see Love Nikki

    • Yassssssss Queen

  • I am honestly living for all the affordable products you're using recently! We Stan a budget queen 😍

  • Identity theft is not a joke Jim millions of families suffer each year

  • Conspiracy (that may be real): The game is actually about Nikkie but they changed the name so they don't get copyrighted from her for using her brand name.

  • “Sleep we don’t know her “😂😂😂😂

  • what brush do you use to bronze??? it seems to work so well

  • I feel like you shouldn't have to do anything. People can suck a dick. If they just want to hate, they don't need to watch


  • "If you really did create this and you're watching this, contact me please thank you." *developer has left the chat* Developer "Run! Bitch RUN!"

  • I am crying, this game is hell🤣🤣

  • I love your personality :)

  • Do you mean a fan game?

  • You're so beautiful, daamn! I subscribed

  • If I had a game made about me I would be fucking proud of myself

  • I play that game at school😭😭

  • You should sue THEM

  • O unico problema dos seus vídeos é que voce fala de mais

  • We all love u ❤️

  • Girl sue!!!! this is too much adjhsdsfbh

  • 🎉🎉🎉🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍

  • You look like khloe Kardashian’s here

  • wait are u adude

  • Dont hate because she's a makeup godess

  • Yea you should

  • Are NEDERLANDS gous i saw you i think in wie is de mol

  • Does anyone know if the highlighting palette is available already? I can't find it anywhere :(

  • hoi, like en reageer als je een nederlander bent net als nikkie

  • 1:08 wyspagier 😂😂 it's a polish gaming website. No wonder they didn't ask for your permission 😂😂

  • Kijkt er iemand die Nederlands is??

  • I heard about you from poppen when she repainted a doll to look like you. You are hilarious. I love your vibes

  • This remind me of THOSE ROBLOX FACES

  • Czy tylko ja zauwazylam ze strona na ktorej jest gra jest po polsku? Pozdro dla kumatych XD

  • This game is made for the people 💯not for disrespect i would love it if someone made a game about me like that..feel special 💯

  • Wooo great content!!

  • Girl what, I am pretty sure that isn't legal. I mean fudging it a bit and just being influenced by you, okay sure, but it genuinely is you with your name. Heck no, I'd go after them for that.

  • It was very enjoyable 🙏 for the video.

  • Uh, I hope you don't end up driving traffic to the game! x.x

  • I honestly don't care about the drama. I just watch to watch it baby.

  • I just started watching your Channel and I already can tell that you are my queen you are so amazing and funny and awesome I can't wait to watch more of your videos and be a bigger fan in the future love Eloise👑💫😋❤🤘

  • I think the sentiment of the symbols is lovely ! However its also important to consider whether or not you think you or your audience get caught up in the numbers and statistics and specifics of it all - how many products fall under each category, for example - in the same way people get caught up in things like sub counts or diets and things like that

  • 1:27 that head piece in the game looks like the one from video whit jefree star get ready whit my in my rolls royce

  • Anyone else die at 5:13?

  • nikkie and jefferee are my favorite gurus :3

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣 It's you! 😡😡😡😡 Get 'em!

  • Why do you do your eyebrows off camera 😫

  • I agree that transparency will help build trust back, but i think pop up captions would be better than symbols. Symbols have to be understood what they mean, whereas simply having pop up text in captions state the truth, anyone watching will know what you mean. So if you are using a product that was promotional gift, have a pop up caption say "photo finish primer by Smashbox was a promotional gift, thanks Smashbox!" Just a suggestion. Thanks for being so open and honest. Love you! Ps- please do more get ready with me videos!

  • You are so amazingly inspirational and kind, funny, and normal! Your sense of humor is greatly satisfying 😹and your makeup girl. Fml you flawless.. Send me a video on how to blend... my twin tried to teach me. She lost her patience.. 🙏🤷🏽‍♀️

  • *"oh she said not caking it on but hunny that looks like frosting"* I'M WHEEZING

  • I’m so sorry people were like that......♥️

  • I'm just gonna put this out here: your hair looks hella cute

  • That powder is to yellow, so I'll use a shade called *butter*

  • What about a video without editing?

  • imagine being that cool you have your own video game

  • I am pretty sure the game is a troll against Nikkie.

  • *i dont make money from this so fuck you*

  • QUEEN!!! you're so beautiful like wth

  • Hoi nikkie ik zou het leuk vinden als je een keer met jessie maya ging opnemen

  • Omg that black lip is everything

  • Eres una muñeca!!!!!!. Soy tu súper admiradora y espero ser tan buena en el maquillaje como tú. Desde Chile con amor!!!!

  • Gurrl u look amazing without makeup 💄

  • My sister saw me watching this and my sister was like *is that her?!*

  • wow this is a beautiful look

  • love this look so much. super funny that you have a game, though they definitely should have asked. Update us on that lol

  • Alguem 🇧🇷 Voçe Ahazaaaaaaa Mds 😻❤

  • 6:27 Yeah, defidently a Nikkie based game. We didnt see her doing her brows.

  • Time to send a C&D letter Nikkie! Ack!

  • She seems so fucking nice omg I wanna meet her

  • Wow!!!! This is crazy 😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • This is my first time being on this channel and the first video I've watched. The honesty that you state in this video is so amazing and refreshing to hear! Awesome makeup look as well!

  • She is so honest ❤

  • I was smiling throughout this video

  • She is so cute ❤

  • Can you make a vid about your studio

  • Soooo I searched up James Charles on the App Store and that came up wasssssss Christian and religions stuff

  • The best part starts at 9:50. Thank you for always being you. 💕 I don't think you deserve that negativity and the fact that you're able to talk about it and think of something to change the way people see your work, the way people think about you, just shows me that you definitely don't deserve it. I cried while you talked about it and for a few moments I thought you would too. Such a mature person, SUCH A QUEEN 💕💕💕

  • I love this!!

  • “I’m gonna follow the tutorial” *does nothing like the game*

  • I think it's sad that you feel you have to explain yourself, because you do not. Other people need to get over themselves.

  • Hello you wonderful people

  • The symbol system sounds like a great start!


  • Nossa como sua maquiagem ficou bonita Sei que Vc não vai me intender mais não custa tentar ; )

  • Good system idea Nikki! 👍👍

  • I have Milani “passion” I absolutely love it, it’s also a vegan brand.

  • You should do the symbols

  • GIRL, you should sue! Also you made your eyes look much bigger than they are with that eye look which I think is impressive.

  • Now if this was Jeffree I would be expecting a whole Shane Dawson series on his journey to suing the bitch 😂

  • You need to make a part 2 sending a cease and desist or having them comp you! :D While doing your makeup of course

  • Can't tell if she's mad or not haha

  • Oh ok that pretty.....HUHHHHHH

  • That’s hilarious

  • I wish you would have made the game screen bigger

  • I think you should clarify that the Maybelline videos weren’t honest. You used powder and then cream countOur PLEASE CMON. You should say: yes I did it for the damn money.

  • Looks like your flawless fall/halloween makeup

  • Babe, you gotta make your money. It's gotta happen somehow. I can't purchase your makeup, but I can support you online, and no matter what I hope you are successful, and you find peace and happiness...now, tell me how that game got your face shape and everything so perfectly....like... I don't even have avatar's that look like me....

  • Also, there's no pleasing society! 🤷🏽‍♀️ I love your videos. Keep doing you. I can clearly see how a product is working by watching your video. If some people can't think for themselves then oh well. I know people know about trial sizes. Try it yourself if you still aren't sure. Most places even allow you to return makeup products if you don't like it. So yeah, like I said, they'll get over it.

  • Call your manager and lawyers!! 🗣🗣😂

  • How do u do makeup so well

  • that looks like loren gray dude

  • As a Polish person I am so sorry