Kids React To Dr. Phil

Joylandi 14-Apr, 2019
Dr. Phil Reacted to by Kids. Original links below.
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Kids React to Dr. Phil. Watch to see their Reactions.
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Reactors Featured:
Noelle, age 6
Ethan, age 8
Jordyn, age 8
Julia, age 9
Jake, age 10
Max, age 10
Katrina, age 11
Lucas, age 11
Sydney, age 11
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Kids React To Dr. Phil


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    • Kids react to friends?

    • React to BTS MAP OF THE SOUL please

    • Generations react to the Notre Dame Cathedral burning


    • HEY FBE can y’all react to map of persona BTS BOY WITH LUV FT. HASLEY

  • 6:26 "Noone is perfect lady" I dont even think he know how true that is

  • I keep getting Dr Phil and Steve Harvey confused XD

  • Pls kids react to Abbot & Costello "Who's on first".

  • *r/woosh*

  • So is no one gonna talk about how ADORABLE noelle is?

  • Pls react to Conor mcgregor or the kids react to the sidemen

  • "Dr Phil has been on tv for more than seventeen years" "He's older than 17?"

  • "She is like the diamond ore in Minecraft, but when the players mines it he falls into lava." :D


    • Technical Android no ew

  • react to pubg

  • My mom would of whooped the living hell out of her...

  • Kids react to oliver tree. Please make it happen.

  • Kids react to old arcade games: Pac-Man, galaga, Dig Dug, Rally-X, frogger, etc

  • Kids react to pink sheep (minecraft)

  • Kids react to bad dad jokes try not to laugh

  • Dr. Phil= COMMON SENSE.

  • Kids react to juice wrld

  • Kids react to Slipknot

  • did that kid have an apple watch?

  • “What’s wrong with this kid?” XD

  • I get $0 for my allowance

    • Its true, if she feels like a peasant at 1,000$ 1 month, than what am I?

    • Yeah, I had to give up almost all of my paper route money to my mom, let alone have an allowance.

    • Adrian Perez saaaaaame

  • Sydney, age 9

    • Because she said she watches Pewdiepie.

    • She's 11

    • Ok, I'm sorry. Whattt

  • 2:24 he’s such a mood 😂💙

  • "Because when I'm like upset, sometimes I just think of Hamilton songs" Same. Such 👏 A 👏 Mood.

  • You just got Filled is a different type of website

  • Noelle is adorable & has a great personality! PROPS to whoever is raising her. :-)

  • Can I just say Lucus is super sassy and smart for his age... that combination is just gold keep up the good work kid! But all the kids are good too!

    • +BobskaterGaming lol I was just about to say that. Those two have long been my favorites :D

    • Lucas and Sydney are my favorite!!!

  • When the kid started bowing! 👏👏👏

  • @nicolette.gray

    • +Dara Richards nicolette gray is a youtuber and is also the first girl they reacted to on the video

    • Wa??

  • I loove that kid in 9:32

  • 8:24 XD

  • 2:30 robot?

  • They aree soo cuteee and smartt

  • I haven’t seen the Cute and Burn effects in a while awww I love it 😆😁😀

  • “Oh my gosh she should be friends with the first girl” I loved that 😂

  • the size of those headphones though 2:16

  • React to slayer

  • i’ve been watching these for toooooo long . SYDNEY AND LUCAS ARE SO GROWN and still my favs

  • Generations React: Earth by Lil Dicky

  • When did kids get so deep.

  • This is the first Kids React video I’ve seen in a while, and I‘m so happy seeing how Lucas has grown :”)

  • aNd thEn ThEre's a bIg SiTuAtIoN -lucas

  • “She’s a Miss Sassypants” wow

  • “You just got philled..” *WHEEZE*

  • Look kids be smart don't try to look PERFECT be YOU 💗😌

  • She's a miss sassy pants lol I'm dead

  • Kids react to Scorpions

  • Sydney is the best !! i wached her grow up on this show and she looks so amazing .

  • Kids react to "Bon Jovi" please

  • Hahaha you just got Philled 😂😂😂

  • Kids react to steel panther

  • Dude if she was playing Minecraft bro she will fall in lava

  • Dr pill is good at roasting people. 😂😂😂

  • Dude i will kick her out of my house

  • "She's like that diamond ore in Minecraft" I'm dead 😂😂

  • Can the kids do a reaction video to Gravity Falls? Please🥺

    • Jonathan Wilson omg that was my childhood ♥️😭😭♥️♥️♥️😭😭😭♥️😩😩😩

  • Kids react to itsfunneh please

  • Teens react to basketball fights in 2019 playoffs

  • Kids react to wwe

  • “Sometimes I just think of Hamilton songs” same

  • React to the TNT boys!!

  • "You've just got Philled" 😂

  • Teens react to Albanian music plss !!

  • Does this video get claimed by Sony?

  • I’d love to see Dr Phil react to this 😭💚

  • Kids react to eminem 8 mile ending rap battles

  • I'll never have kids. Nope!! And no thanks!

  • Omigod I love this video

  • Kids react to Megadeth 😎

  • Dr. Phi, because he takes no L's

  • Kids react to slipknot

  • I heard the word Hamilton and liked the video

  • Generations react to lil dicky earth

  • Y’all need to get ahold of Dr. Phil and have him react to this please.

  • 0:33 I thought it was creepy for fuck sake

  • “You just got philled ” 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I’m dying

  • If I were there I would of said “PREACH”

  • 4:34 YESSSSS!!!! GO OFF B!!!!

  • Lol u just got Philled i laughed so hard 😂

  • I like Dr. Phil, too. I watch it with my mom! XD

  • 4:31. 4:12. 6:23. 6:27. 7:17. 7:38. 8:14. And. 8:22. THEASE MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD LOL

    • +DigitalMadhouse I dont know if that's a complement or a diss!🤪🤪

    • +Denzel_ Magical these are my options and what I think are funny and now that I watch it I may not be as funny as watching the first time❤🥰🥰

    • Dara Richards how are these funny or is there something I didn’t get

    • IconTalents 1 💀💀 y tf u comment timestamps 🤮

  • Do kids react to happpier by marshmallow

  • Teens react to Reaction Time or Free Time

  • I love Lucas so much😂and the kid in the blue shirt

  • THIS IS..... OH MY 4:34


  • Maybe kids would try to listen to King Crimson?

  • Kids should react to slipknot

  • Kida react to sofie dossi Because i love her

  • Lucas is a smart kid

  • "YoU jUSt GoT pHiLLeD"

    • Omigod!!! Thanks to who ever liked!!! I never got any likes....THANK YOU 😁

  • Honestly Nicolette is just an exaggerated character. I watch her UZ-tv channel and you really can't judge a book by the cover. She's really sweet and actually makes her own money from UZ-tv.

  • noelle is so precious aww 😊

  • 8:54 Lucas worshipping Dr Phil is killing me

  • Make pewdiepie watch this pls

    • Here it’s pewdiepie watching it

  • Sydney is a 9 yrold general colonal

  • Kids react to blackpink “kill this love” because I wanna see what they think instead of the adults

  • Who the fuck spells destiny destoni like the fuck

  • 9:32 lmao 😂