STAR WARS Rise of Skywalker Trailer BREAKDOWN! Palpatine & Leia Explained!

Joylandi 14-Apr, 2019
Star Wars Episode 9 THE RISE OF SKYWALKER released its first teaser trailer, filled with mysterious clues pointing to Star Wars history -- Emperor Palpatine, the Death Star, Leia, and Lando Calrissian! Erik Voss breaks down all the details you missed in this latest Star Wars trailer from director JJ Abrams, returning from The Force Awakens, taking back the reigns after The Last Jedi. Why is Kylo Ren repairing his broken mask? What do Rey, Poe, and Finn want from the ruins of the Death Star? How will the film depict Leia after Carrie Fisher's death? How could Force Ghosts play a key role in this story? And what does the title "The Rise of Skywalker" secretly mean?
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  • I thought, canonically, Palpatine was Plagueis’s apprentice?

  • I feel like that A-wing was at the battle of Jakku look at the background, I mean this could be a flashback !

  • Is it me or they're is red on that star destroyer

  • What happened to R2D2?

  • Where is R2D2???

  • You better be good movie

  • Build.

  • “The Rise of Skywalker” i.e. The return of Anakin/Darth Vadar. I’m liking this theory, the remains of Darth Vadar’s suit, which may well be reconstructed by Kylo Ren. The memories of Anakin are stored inside the suit??????

  • the ship spotted at 5:07 is the same ship that left young Rey on another planet.

  • Retcon some of the last jedi stuff like come up w/ an in universe reason why light speed suicide attacks aren't a thing. Build on the ideas that force sensitivity isn't limited to a single individual.

  • Please retcon the entirety of the Last Jedi

  • Wait for it, maul was in solo and he got cut in half. Snoke got cut in half and if he was maul he wouldn't be dead because he would already be cut in half. From the aftermath books grand admiral Rae Sloane went through the unknown regions because palpatine thought there was someone or thing out there. Maybe palpatine didn't die because he wasn't really real but just a kind of strengthened force projection that was projected from the real palpatine who went to the unknown regions and found something that intensifies your force ability

  • Palpitene:HaHAHA Me:😱

  • Palpitene: HAHAHA

  • Luke: “No one is ever quite gone” Jar Jar: Meeeeeeeeessaaa back !

  • 8:59 i think moto moto likes you I like em big I like em chunky chunky

  • wait a sec, is that rocky planet the one from rogue one?

  • Take it back to the force awakens themes as Rian Johnson fucked everything up.

  • I would just like JJ to stay away from any more iconic franchises and get some therapy for his addiction to lens flares. He is the worse director I know and given that I only seem able to remember the crap ones that's saying something.

  • Sorry, the woke interpretation of the star wars universe is completely dead to me since the farce awakens came out. Take your post modern feminist crap and shove it where the sun don't shine. Great video Matt, but Disney has completely ruined Star Wars!

    • +SicParvisMagna123 I treat men and women equally. When you start giving people special rights and privileges, just because, that is when you get into the Realms of sexism and racism! Plus the recent movies are just so incredibly bad!

    • Scared of female lead roles in film? How I pity you.

  • "Jar Jar Abrams" ?:? 3:05

  • I hope Lucasfilm was taking notes from Marvel on how to conclude a great franchise while not alienating fans during Avengers: Endgame. Still so dirty over TLJ that I can't seem to generate any enthusiasm about this film.

  • I loathe Rey now more than ever. I know it's unpopular but I'll be glad when she's gone.

  • I really disliked #8 it kind of ruined Star Wars for me. I hope it just throws as many twists away as possible.

  • Best thing about this trailer is that it's saying its the last one. 6 freaking movies too long.

  • Sounds like here-say, speculation and conjecture to me. Making money and getting views for something you don't even know is the truth. When I see this movie from start to finish, then I'll believe what's in it.

  • No one thinks that is Darth Maul? Piloting the ship. Certainly looks like his colors

  • The next one will be called: Star Wars, let's milk the fans for more money.

  • 12:38 haha you killed that voss!

  • The last bit of last Jedi talked about stepping off from the broken past and stepping from there. Repaired lightsaber and mask seem like a step from last Jedi. Not away from it.

  • The Rise of Skywalker!

  • It's the last movie. If they spend too much of it trying to retcon TLJ then it wont be good. Hopefully they just continue from where TLJ left off and finish on a strong note, which is what I am sure they will do.

  • If you're going to draw conclusions from the colours on the Tie Interceptor, then my first thought was Darth Maul. Just saying.

  • Force ghosts possibly joined by Leia and Qui-Gon? ROFL You're a muppet.

  • 2:03 this also reminds me of when Qui-Gon Gin and Darth Maul on Tattooin in episode 1: Phantom Menace.

  • Meh still looks cheesy. No real characters just quick dish out just to make another movie.

  • The only Skywalker is Luke. Did he have any kids?

  • Episode 8 was many things but Luke's story? Just no.

  • if the Emeror is alive, then the entire concept of Star Wars is ohuqed! Palpi's death was what made Star Wars epic!

  • Ever heard of over doing it

  • Its ANAKINS lightsaber. GET IT RIGHT

  • On force ghosts, Qui-gon was the first to figure it out, told to us by Yoda, telling obi wan. So I don't know how anakin learned. But Luke learns from Yoda and obi wan.

  • Haha no JJ is literally fixing TLJ!

  • It’s just a frickin movie after all.

  • Seriously 😐 if this ruins anyone’s life then they need to go home, sit down in a dark quiet 🤫 corner somewhere and rethink their life!

  • how about replace the last Jedi could the rise of skywalker be a hint at Rey's parents?

  • Will Vice Admiral Gender Studies come back?

  • Episode 9: Rise of skywalker Episode 10: Obi-wan reclaims the high ground.

  • When we see the piece of death star whats the white thing rey is holding ???

  • Is it trully the last episode?!?! :C

  • I’m sorry, the writers of Star Wars have completely broken the story line behind repair. They should give up on painfully trying to weave it back together. Sometimes it is best to just make some scrambled eggs out of Humpty

  • Holy shit ! When you cut from the youngling in the temple and then back to you .... you look like his dad ! Or maybe it was you when you were younger

  • Who said he died? Luke didnt after all in Empire

  • "Jar Jar Abrams". I snort laughed at that!

  • the emperor?impossible! it's not like they have cloning technology in the star wars universe.

  • I feel like that pilot in the TIE is Vader but meh

  • They need to fix hyperjump kamikazes, by binding the Holdo manuever to a specific prototype ship loadout. Without this fix, any fleet engagements can be Al'Qaeda'd before it ever begins..... Unless a shift towards Starfighter based sorties is the desired effect/evolution, with carriers playing hide and seek, and Starfighters doing the combat.

  • Retcon please!

  • Rise of Skyfooookaaaa

  • Episode 9 should ignore as much of episode 8 as it possibly can. Rian Johnson and his abomination fucked up the entire trilogy.

  • Do you think leis is Rey’s mom

  • I think that they constructed this episode to be like the peak of the dark side like the episode 3, so in the next 3 episodes the force will balance again on the Jedi side. That's why also Palpatine is at the end on stage. This is a strategy for the next episodes. And on the first episode they said that this will be similar with the first part of the saga(episode I-III)

  • Retcon

  • True

  • It is Kylo in the ship, those are his gloves

  • At this point, anything is possible. Look at all of the bad decisions they made on The Last Jedi.

  • i want to see the grey rise for balance........

  • Hmm.. cool, so they can bring in a Clone Palpatine which his spirit transferred and make him force rey and ben to fight him together maybe?

    • zero5559 ... And then Luke Skywalker rises to save them both! TLJ fixed!

  • I'm just wondering if more will ever be made about the ETs, the Milky Way, and Yoda...

  • Where is R2-R2

  • Just a theory, but the Rise of Skywalker, like he said in the video, could become the term used for the force users rey and kylo. No matter their parentage what they are carrying on is the practice of the force. There is also the possibility that this actually means lukes or even Ashoka's look at the more grey jedi look could be the goal. But neither rey nor kylo can achieve that because they both way too far to one side. They could then join forces and be the literal balancing act of the force, kind of like a harkening back to the clone wars episode with the father(grey force user aka luke in this story line), the sister (light force user aka rey), and the brother (the dark force user aka kylo). While that clone wars arc ended differently this arc could end with a literal balencing act in the force bringing peace to the galaxy.

  • I'd like to see it recon The Last Jedi which was very nearly my last Star Wars movie.

    • PREACH

    • I'm assuming you meant "retcon", and I agree... that movie was just awful.

  • Sandy planets:Exist Every Star Wars director:Every movie will have some scene there

  • 4:05 Rectagonal shape??? Is that even a word??? Don't you mean RECTANGULAR??? LMAO

    • Rectagon: The shape of ones anus.

  • I actually don't think that Rey is searching for a cyber crystal because you see the lightsaber beeing already repaired in this scene...

  • Maybe they mean rise as in mature or grow up cus the Skywalkers have a lock on tantrums.

  • but whERE is R2D2???


  • I'd be ok with not only a retcon of ep. 8, but them remaking it entirely. What a dumpster fire. It gives AOTC a run for the money on worst SW film.

  • God damnit did it again you saved America

  • You just proved that Rey is Solos daughter but didn't even realize it.....

  • Am sorry Wtf u talking about U great I like u videos really But wtf u talking about

  • Palpatine was saved from death by darth jar jar

  • I want palpatine to convert rey to the dark side very quickly and kill poe by lifting rocks

  • The mountainous, rocky planet could be the same planet from Rouge One.

  • Hopefully they can rectify all the idiocy & BS that was done in that flaming pile of steamy crap called The Last Jedi. I also think I have a great idea for the next ( between episode ) Star Wars story. It will take place at the end of Last Jedi when a band of freedom fighters track down Rian Johnson & stop him from ever making a movie again

  • Remember how one of the key parts of the prequel trilogy was the belief that Anakin was the one who was prophesized to bring balance to the force. Maybe this is meant to call back to the prophesy since the existence of the Knights of Rey clearly indicates Anakin did not bring balance to the force? Perhaps the person who is really meant to bring balance to the force is Kylo (which would explain the Darth Vader fascination) or Rey?

  • this will be garbage

  • The storylines have become so convoluted that I just can't follow this anymore. Will stick with re-watching Episodes IV, V, and VI.

  • Wake me up before you go go Who needs bale when you've got sissoko

  • The only thing i noticed is when the falcon comes out of lightspeed it has the round dish. Flashback maybe?

  • I don't care about the plot,I just want this movie to be good!

  • JJ Abrams kaka director he is

  • VIII virtually will have no relevance to the conclusion.

  • Ren and Ray are twins Solo and Leia are there parents. Duh Palpatine was cloned.

  • That "plateaued" city is very Agartha'esc

  • Episode IX should build upon the themes of The Last Jedi. They can not ignore it, and they should not retcon. It would just be weird.

  • more star wars shit .... sigh .....i am out , no need to go further than a minute

  • Chewie was too tall for Leia to give him a medal! ,They gave him one afterwards

  • Ok....I was hoping Rey was Luke's daughter