Sumo Suit Parkour Battle!

Joylandi 19-Mar, 2019
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Hey guys! In this challenge, we head over to Tempest Freerunning Acadamy and challenge each other in sumo suits! We jump off the giant trampoline to leap as far as we can and run crazy obstacles that a sumo wrestler probably wouldn't be able to do. What do you want to see us do in sumo suits next time? Who do you think would win if we battled in an actual arena? Let us know down below!

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  • The funniest thing I've ever seen :'D

  • funniest video ever

  • It looks like a chicken wearing a thong

  • 6:36 bobby is evil 😆😆😆

  • 1:42: *J-fred makes the flip* Me: *dies*

  • I laughed too much, I now have abs. 😂

  • i love Corbin!! i know him from sam and colby

  • Legit I can't stop laughing at 6:27

  • Please do more challenges with the suits ... please

  • Do trophies for who ever wins spray paint basically like dude perfect

  • Funny

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😃

  • 3:45 to defeate the huns

  • Corbin,"i don't think i could get 28 seconds but lets try...." *gets 8 seconds. me, "hmm sorry u were saying"*

  • this vid made me die of laughter

  • ..Why did Bryan get the step and j-FRED and Bobby didn’t

  • is it just me or does bryan look mad or grumpy or just really sad did he get hurt???

  • slightly disappointed that we didn't see Corbin in the sumo suit😂

  • Why is Bobby so cute when in the suit

  • J FRED’S A BEASSSSTT !!!! 😭💯💯

  • What is the song at 3:40

  • 1:38 flip

  • Sumo wrestlers be offended and sorry if my grammar is wrong :P


  • 2:51 and that was when I cracked up he said it was "TO HIGH" but really it was 1 foot off the trampoline even the editors put really high under Bobby feet You guys make me laugh 😂

  • Ok but when Bryan said “it’s my turn” gotta say, kinda hot 😂🥵

  • You do stupid stuf but funny stupid stuf

  • What's the music that's played at 12:07 ? Please help I like the song, thanks!

  • 1:42 I was in tears from laughing so much.

  • Hi jefferytv

  • 1:56 how is that possible

  • 5:12 bryan: being a crossbreed of a *CRAB* and a HORSE* Me: Just the usual.

  • joey’s jump has me rolling i can’t stop laughing i have to pee slwkcbow

  • I saw bryan saying "expert" behind corbin's back at 12:53

    • Dont give corbin a hard time cause he doesn't deserve it

  • Corbin is a real expert not an "expert"

    • I saw bryan saying "expert" behind corbins back cause he is a real expert. Dont give corbin a hard time cause he doesnt deserve it

  • This vid had me dying

  • the only thing i could think about during this video was how sam and colby had been there, any sam and colby fans watching this video

  • Anyone else love Corbin ? 😍

  • How do people get so many likes by saying weird stuff?.. Let me try *wEirD StuFf* Did it work? 👇🙁

  • I know Corbin from Sam and Colby! Dude! Yas!

  • Get good gaming team edge gaming

  • Hi 5 studios

  • Team edge

  • I’m laughing way too hard. I can’t take them seriously in the sumo suits

  • Best thing ever

  • jfred is too effing funny. 1:41 had me dyyyyiiiinngggg


  • THE BEST ONE 1:48

  • I laughed so much when Bryan:keep breathing Joey :that's great advise Bryan keep breathing

  • Bobby is only one without abs on the costume xD

  • Bobbys effort to the pole is my effort in life😂 "there's no flipping way im making that".😂😂

  • Bryan. “Oh yes” Me.😂

  • Thank you

  • I know Corbin from TFIL now he is on one of my other favorite channels too!!

  • This is my all time favorite video. JFred had me in tears 🤣🤣 with that jump.

  • Do you know that corban jumped off the roof of that building that he owns cause he works at the place on TFIL

  • That slowmo at the beginning really got me 😂😂

  • They're like little babies on their in those jumpsuits

  • I would love to see Corbin try that in a sumo suit

  • Is it bad that I only watched this cause Corbin’s in it? 😂

  • 6:36 Bobby looks like a cute lil asian baby and this is SO CUTE !!!

  • I bruised my rib at 1:37

  • This reminds me of Big Hero Six😂😂

  • Bobby there is no flipping way I’m making that lol 5:26

  • J Fred was so close to hitting his face 1:43

  • Bobby should have won because of the stupid bouncing


  • 1:43 Oh My Gosh!!!! I was laughing for like 15 mins, I couldn't do that if I tried lol.

  • I wonder what would happen in football with sumo suits

  • Like omg dude I am a new person but is in love... but is the guy that almost hit his face matt off of dope or nope??

  • J-Fred’s flip made me laugh a lot

  • i was laughing so much about joey's jump, i almost chocked XD

  • 1:43 is a rag doll simulator

  • They let Brian win on the second challenge

  • i swear there's a gmod map based on this place

  • cool video l loved this you

  • I CANT STOP LAUGING 1:44 HAHAHHA😂😂❤️❤️😂😂😂😂👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • Corbin is so nice and encouraging! And J-Fred’s flip omg I have never laughed so hard as watch this video.


  • Laughed the whole way through the video😹🤣

  • 1:43 J-fred is llimunati

  • 11:26 I laughed so hard that I started wheezing so much

  • Why when they fall they always land on their head then roll on their back

  • OO I I

  • I laught soooooo har

  • Who else got flashbacks of bryan and Bobby kissing in the sumo suits XD

  • Omg i laughed so hard when bobbie was running around with the suit on🤣🤣and that flip J fred OMG LOL

  • Rip jJoey

  • 1:50 I'm actually crying i cant do this anymore hahaha I'm dead

  • When j-Fred did the flip I cried

  • Bobby: "what's going in here? OH NO!" nothing on the internet has made my. Laugh so damn hard, I owe my gratitude to Bobby

  • This was so funny! I loved the video and the Sumo Suits! XD

  • I like Corbin

  • Im in this video too.

  • bryan’s little chicken legs at the bottom of the suit was everything

  • 1.44 lol

  • I almost peed myself at 1:43

  • I want the same vid without the suits now but more extreme!

  • TFIL did a 24 hour challenge there

  • Do sumo basketball!!