Teen vs Adult: Breakup Survival Kits

Joylandi 11-Mar, 2019
"It's about making the dirty beautiful."
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Avalon Warren


  • Avalon is the most adorable girl I’ve ever seen 😭

  • “nonono don’t pan,”

  • Avalon is so cute, love when she and Jazz made videos. Jazz rock it

  • Oh mi god, avalon is so pretty and sounds SO cute!!!! I can't!!!

  • I once had a crush on a guy named Lucas in third grade, my so called "bestfriend" told him, and he said he didn't like me, I was eating ice cream for two months straight for breakfast, and now me and him are pretty good friends!!

  • i wanna be friends with avalon so bad

  • Avalon: ''It's about making the dirty beautiful.'' Best Disney princess quote of the year

  • I love Avalon's voice and style , can we be friends ?

  • Where was this when I got dumped 2 months ago

  • Jazz said I was here for it me: girl my bff goes through so many break ups that I have like 3 kits ready

  • Oh my god Avalon is actually a sweet old lady and I love it so much

  • Avalon is so cute and tiny I love her!! She’s just so adorable and sweet

  • My breakup kit is a full scale Golden Gate Bridge and my trusty backup emergency noose.

  • I love Avalon so much she is literally the most adorable bean who needs to be protected at all cost

  • Why does Avalon remind me of Glinda from Wicked just me?

  • Oh my gosh they have mugs ........

  • That kids voice is sooooo effing annoying 😠😠

  • How has Avalon never been in a break up 💔 when my first breakup was in 6th grade

  • Lmao

  • He love pooperie lol

  • I've never gone through this soo. Well yet.

  • "This is making me think about the boy I already have. He loves poo-purie!"

  • Hold on- suspicion- Avalon was on a text- dating thing which was posted the day after this- march 12, hMmMmMm- unless the March 12th text dating thing was filmed two months ago- I think we have some tea on our hands

  • avalon is nice but i feel like she does the voice on purpose and tries very hard to be cute

  • avalon is just so adorable

  • Ngl i would die for avalon

  • I think the best break-up survival kit is a group of really good girl friends, but a care package is nice too.

  • how old is avalon?

  • Is the guy Avalon is dating the same guy from the buzzfeed video “Teen chooses a date based on their texts”? Bc that was posted 3/12/19 but this was posted 3/11/19 and she says she’s been dating a guy for a month. Lmao when u waste away ur life watching buzzfeed.😆

  • “I wanted to get chicken nuggets and tequila but would that have helped you in the end” “...yes!”

  • Avalons voice really annoys me omg

  • Avalon is as cute as a button.

  • Avalon is so small omgosh

  • She sounds like Rosanna pansino

  • I want to know how old Avalon is. If she’s younger than imma be pissed because she’s 10,000 times prettier than me

  • Avalon is such a cute little sweetheart , she's so adorable

  • Wait, wait, wait. Avalon has a boyfriend. So, what's the buzzfeed video on her finding a date about?? 🤔

  • yall i would love to be jazz's friend lmao

  • avalon laugh is sooooo cuteeee ahhh

  • At first i thought the mirror looked like cake

  • 95% of comment is about Avalon.

  • Hire avalon permanently!!! Love herrrrr

  • bruh avalon looks PISSED bc jazz made a better kit

  • OH my lord I love the little teen whenever she’s on the video I always click

  • Avalon reminds me of Rosanna Pansino 😅

  • she got her boyfriend 2 months ago but was on date your text?

  • Avalon lowkey reminds me of Rosanna Pansino...

  • It looks like the larger one is going to eat the smaller one.


  • “blue might look cute, but we’d need to get tea”

  • Where is the gun tho?

  • 99.9% : Avalon's looks, voice, style 0.1% : about the actual video topic

  • “Cause woooo child”😂😂😂😂

  • I would love to have those baskets!! yall did a great job ladies we need these for every woman that are going through something

  • My name is destiny

  • I love that Destinees name I love for one it is spelled just like mine with two ees not a ey


  • Avalon reminds me of a sweet grandma that gives you candy and makes cookies and lives in a little cottage

  • How old is Avalon???

  • My breakup kit is 10 hours of dank memes can I get a HIII YAAAA

  • Avalon is adorable

  • Avalon is so sweet and sound like a cartoon character i love her😂❤️💀❤️❤️

  • My survival kit is fuzzy blankets, chocolate, ice cream, and red box movies.

  • Avalon Is litterly so adorble my gosh oOf

  • “No, no, she’s trying to distract us”

  • I have been through 3 breakups and I’m 11

  • pause at 2:40 is that a guy in the bra? 😂

  • Avalon is such gem! Who’s the lucky boy?!

  • Avalon is just TOO adorable! 💝💝💝

  • I love Avalon voice so muchhhhh 💘💘

  • Avalon reminds me of my grandma... in a good way!!!

  • wait how is this fair? destinee knows jazz so like jazz has the upper hand

  • Can’t tell if she’s faking.. with the voice thing...🤔

  • my survival kit would consist of hot cheetos, face masks, makeup, movies, billie eilish songs, ice cream, and pepsi.

  • “I wanted to get you some chicken nuggets and tequila..” Avalon is so friggin adorable

  • Avalon is so annoying

  • Her voice hits an irritant in my brain that I didn’t know I had

  • avalons voice is sooooooo cute

  • Everyones breakup servival kit : Candy's , books , makeup etc. My servival break up kit : A shOt gUn *Cough* sorry I hang out whith my dad to much :")

  • I live Avalon I want to be her friend soo bad 😂 😍😍

  • we all need comfort sometimes its best to go through a break up with a friend

  • It took me like 20 minute to realize Avalon sounds like Rosanna Pansino

  • “I’ve had animals die.” “Well that’s... kiiinda the same thing.” No it’s absolutely not. Humans break up with you, you can still see them if your sad. Try to break up on a good note. And then, at least they aren’t dead. Animals, ouch.

  • Can we like stop making videos of this teen cause her voice is fake and I don't appreciate this

  • Her voice was like Ross ana Lansing the teenager

  • Avalon sounds and looks like that Rosana girl from nerdy nummies


  • Avalon is like a mixture of Rosanna Pansino and Emma Watson

  • my breakup survival kit would mostly be made up of ice cream 😂

  • *this reminds me of the boy I’m dating... he loves poopouri*

  • Mini mouse has entered the chat

  • Avalon is soon cute

  • Avalon sounds like Snow White. I like it

  • "Poopurri!" Lmao

  • Avalon was set up ima date through UZ-tv.Is that guy she’s dating

  • Who else thought that Avalon was originally Ro Pansino?😂😂

  • "I can't get her wine, but I can get her a wine shirt." I love Avalon😂

  • Who would ever dislike a video about helping fellow women out during a breakup? This video is so helpful and empowering

  • She sounds like Tammy brown

  • she sounds like Snow White and I’m in love 😍 💖 💕