The Legendary Kelpie of Scotland - Scary Story Time // Something Scary | Snarled

Joylandi 12-Mar, 2019
In today's episode, Sapphire tells the tale of V, whose life changed forever on her birthday...
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  • *D O N ' T T R U S T H O R S E S*

  • Wanna hear something scary ? Thre was no wifi, your phone was low batt, you forgot your charger, and you forgot your earphones.

  • How am I gonna get better sleep with my purple mattress of I watch a whole marathon of these?!

  • Wow

  • I only knew what was gon happen cuz of DuckTales 😭

  • I wasn't paying attention and thought the dad was a kelpie.... gross mom


  • 6:24 a thug g-ma 😎

  • Ive read Where the Red Fern Grows, its a good book but sort of sad.

  • Tahitia

  • Guns go pew pew Horse goes bleed bleed Me go scream scream

  • well then... im not going to scotland any. time. soon.

  • 6:01 report I almost dropped my phone😂

  • When I was 9 I remember having a nightmare. A man with red eyes and a black figure pulled me out of bed into a bath tub with freezing water and drowned me. Then it went black. And I could hear people telling me 'DON'T PLAY WITH THE MAN!!' and then I woke up too my sister asking me, 'Why are you shivering?' and I didn't know what to say. I could hear that voice so many times in the day. Getting louder and louder. My sister once said 'Sofia?' and the voice stopped. And then I remembered when I was at piano practice. There was a lady. Dressed in all black and red contacts. She asked if we wanted to play rock paper scissors. I said sure, and we played for a little. Then I went home. I texted my friend, Izzy saying 'Something creepy is going on..' 'What's wrong?' she replied to me. And I explained it all to her. Then we went on FaceTime and I told her she could ask my sister. So she asked my sister, 'Did you tell Sofia she was shivering?' My sister nodded her head no. Creepy. So then, the next day I went to the park with 2 of my guy friends. They were talking, and I was just standing walking back and forth.Then my friend Micheal said, 'Why are you talking about some man?' I ran. And I still sometimes hear the voice, and high-pitched screaming in my ears.. ....You don't have to believe me, but I know it happened... ................................................................................................... 'He will trick you' 'He won't give you what he promises.'

  • Yaaaaaas go purple

  • run run run runnn !!!!!

  • I thought kelpi is just a fantastic beast/Harry Potter magical creature + newt scamander rides one in the movie

  • Look at the movie

  • Mia!!!


  • Hi mia

  • What is thiz?

  • How to get a good night sleep Ya sure with these stories I don't think I can sleep

  • This one made me chill up, i was scared a little bit, nice job snarled

  • Omg my favorite youtuber SNARLED

  • kelp pie

  • Honestly thought it's was TaeHyung who inspired this.....

  • Everytime this story mentions "V" I can't help but remember taehyung.....Ugh.....Is there any other armys here?

  • How can i sleep wen i watch your scary videos 😭😭😭

  • #whyarebothmygrammiesinheavenimightneedthem

  • I live close to the kelpie statues in Scotland!

  • 2:14 -2:19 I wish I can do that too....I can't read a book outside, and at our place there's so many people and houses, I can't find a perfect spot to read. Ur lucky

  • Is that y there's a place in Scotland called the kelpies ?

  • grandmother would come to the woman and horse with a slipper in her hand and beat the woman and horse to death😂

  • this is why unicorns are the NUMBER1 deadliest animal in the world

  • Loo this is the one story where id be %100 dead. I love animals even if they’re evil

  • whats the girls birthday wish ?

  • I wonder what music she is using in her videos

  • Horse face? Is that you Jean from AOT?


  • I found this off the odd ones out

  • I knew I should never trusted water!

  • when sapphire was talking i was surprised rip me and i said hellpie

  • i am the same age and my name is vivian but my mom says v

  • Taehyung,what did we tell you???!

  • 😱😨😦😕😐😶

  • i feel bad for v

  • 😵

  • Love your new intro

  • The things we do when we’re 12 😅

  • I thought V was from South Korea not Scotland

  • Ahhh I live in Scotland :(

  • Me: *Sees purple mattress* Me: I WANT IT!! I WANT IT!! I WANT IT!!!

  • I was watching this with my cousin and when he saw the horse we both started laughing

  • me ordering a mattress from purple me [on phone]: you see, *i like em' big, i like em chunky, i like em' big, i like em plumpy, i like em round, with somethin', somethin'* worker [on phone]: ok, so you want a "i like em' big, i like em chunky, i like em' big, i like em plumpy, i like em round, with somethin', somethin'" deluxe deal? me [on phone]: yes worker [on phone]: ok sir, thank you for shopping at purple.

  • Do the fox and the hound

  • Can you do snow white

  • Grandma is a badass

  • 5:47 or 5:48. Pause the video and see what’s wrong with this

  • V,you had to careful first you look at its eye then use the metal that they can't stand.

  • Hey guys im saphire wanna hear some thing scary :me uhh yea lets get itt

  • shes turning 13.. im turning 13 this march 24th.. im scared


  • nice \

  • The kelpie -inspired by V Ummm tae whatchu doin there? Anyways am an ARMY!!!!!!!

  • I would have just hunted down all of them horse things and killed them like a god

  • Raise ur hand if ur Scottish ✋ | ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡ )

  • my scary story is called SWEET DAY i was in my room playing my phone and someone calling my name. ivan ivan ivan . i look at the bottom of the door i froze the feet is having blood and saying wanna play i said amm no thank you the woman is mad she said WHY ARE YOU DONT PLAY WITH ME AHHHHHH! the woman is trying to broke my door but i hear gun shot my mom said ivan open the door i open the door my mom told me ivan that woman is the serial ghost killer she only arrives at night bye bye the next story is coming soon

  • How can I sleep when you scare me to my shit I can’t sleep

  • Oh damn that horse is Called nykurin in my country ( the Faroe Islands) and if you get stuck on it you need to say its name, and when you say its name you get unstuck and It loses its power and runs back to the lake. I don't really believe in that horse cuz People in that time always told their kids scary stories to make them not go to places that were dangerous but that this monster is also known in other places and that there are alot of myths that have happened in my country and in Iceland, Norway, Finland, Scotland, etc it makes it a little believable and and btw there is a statue of Nykurin in my country google it. Nykurin, Nykur, Nøkken, something like that

  • OH HELL NO I live in Scotland and I live were she lives and my birthday was last week^_^(O_O)

  • In my school, we are reading "Where the Red Fern Grows"

  • Yow armys where yall at??

  • Any My Little Pony fan kids dont watch this

  • What if that's the real creature called unicorn

  • What if that's the real creature called unicorn

  • Kelpie is a type of dog

  • wait, so she shot her hand off? so now she has no hand??

  • Wasn't purple pillow sued for poisonous materials found in there products?

  • I love this! “Yeah me too!”that was my bro

  • You should make a video on rokurokubi, a Japanese urban legend

  • I study in a school in Pasir Ris there’s a rumor that the soccer field was build on a cemetery one day me and my friend were visiting the garden when we were interrupted by a noice it sounds like a woman laughing wickedly that was from a garden shed so we went to a school gardener and they said “the gardener that work in the shed did not came to school so the shed was locked” we told the gardener that we heard noise from the shed and he said “maybe it is just the wind” but we knew something was wrong after days past my friend saw a total white man with no face it’s not like the man turned the man had no eyes no mouth and nose this year we say a object under the ground so we dig to investigate what was it and we were horrified as the object looks like a coffin

  • So, were there two kelpies? The white one and black kelpie? Sapphire said that they can take a human form, so maybe the lady in black was also a kelpie and tried to trick her to ride her partner or something like that. Since her human body did shrivel into a black horse who’s real form looked similar to the white kelpie’s real form.

  • *SnArLeD*

  • Jacksepticeye left the chat

  • Now I hate horses

  • The creepy music started playing and I legit thought the mattress part was part of the story

  • Damn, Grandma Shot V. She a gangsta. Thug life 4 ever.

  • @2:24 “where the red fern grows” traumatized me lmfao

  • The new intro with the red eye thing is ok I suppose

  • Lets go Shadowfax

  • Anybody remember the rapist horse the TIKBALANG

  • The grandma is dead.this is drea

  • Loo at all those Horses

  • Weren't these in DuckTales?

  • My god scottish grandmother's are scary

  • Damn grandma

  • Well. Time to move to England!

  • The Kelpie * Quickly checks if it’s a spongebob episode*

  • Will you bring back top 5