Three Kingdoms - OverSimplified

Joylandi 11-Apr, 2019
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  • I like how they wrote Never gonna give you up never gonna let you down at 0:22 in simplified Chinese, then wrote it in traditional Chinese at 8:28 with slightly different translation for Never gonna let you down (first is more literal translation, second more figurative lol)

  • best ad I've ever seen

  • 6 21 I see hitler dad

  • That guy in the thumbnail next to Dong Zhuo legit looks like Lenin!

  • 6:11 lol

  • The old Romance of the Three Kingdoms games linked to Dynasty Warriors were great.

  • Lu Bu and Diaochan.. i've sense some AOV shits in here..

  • Do Yugoslavia war

  • ive watched like 70 hours of the three kingdoms TV show and this explains some parts much more clearly.

  • Just play Dynasty Warriors

    • you cant have 20000 men fighting in Dynasty Warriors, DW its like 20-40 people max on ur screen, here we can have 20000

  • French revolution please!

  • Yo man, do history of Poland oversimplified next if you can

  • Can HBO make a high budget show of this

  • dude yur super good at promoting stuff, it feels so natural

  • anybody noticed the yellow vest guy in the yellow turban army?

  • After all what Liu Bei, Cao Cao and Sun Quan did.. (Last Emperors of 3 Kingdoms) It suddenly went to shit.

  • Tell Creative Assembly: sponsoring you for Total War Three Kingdoms totally worked. Literally had no idea it was coming out, and now I'm super hyped

  • Wait Liu Kang was real

  • Can you make Balkan wars?

  • *Totally original Intro*

  • This guy made me love history!

  • I think some parts of this video is wrong. The last few parts especially.

  • Left out so many notable warlords and generals! Where's my boys Zhang Fei and Guan Yu?!

  • Who punished him severely

  • Lu Bu vs. Guan Yu. Who would win?

  • Make a video on the Middle East Conflict between Israel and Palestine

  • 0:21 I *think* the bird is sing: "I won't give up on u I won't let u go"

  • 6:08 Punishing the Eunuchs severely xD

  • As Chinese, the video was so well-made. Actually, your pronunciation is way better than a lot of non-Chinese people. I know a lot of people are confused with the Romanised soundmarks in Mandarin. Do not completely take it as English!!!! e.g. "c" = "ts", so "cao cao"= "tsao tsao", "u"="oo", so "sun ce"="soon tse" ("e" here is a slightly different vowel). "lu bu" is not well spelled, and "lu" is the exactly pronunciation as French if you can read "u" in French. "q" sound might not exist in English, and "chee" or "chea" might be the closest sound. "x" is close to "shee".

  • Finally a OverSimplified video thank you!

  • there are some(many) mistakes actually

  • The bird at the beginning was singing “never gonna give you up, never gonna give you up” lol

  • Over simplify the Egyptian revolution against British Invasion

  • The Sima clan exploited Wu and Shu's weaknesses. Unconfirmed reports say that evil laughter and shouts of *Imbecile* could be heard.

  • "It's Lu Bu !..." Okay, just in case you still doubted he knew dynasty warriors x')

  • 8:30 We all just got Rickroll'd! "Never gonna give you up, Never gonna let you down", It is on the red posters... :(

  • Kwan is who the gangsters look up to

  • I from indonesia thanks fo the indonesian subtitle

  • Ohhh my GOD. How did I not think myself sooner about how Yellow turbans looks like Yellow vests ...! x')

  • 13:15 You sure that's not wildfire?

  • Is there really a mention of the laser eyes ?... That would certainly explain why we would question the veracity of the era..

    • +TheWingsofprey Of course there was none, but maybe it's still written there actually were those things.. x')

    • Its an exaggeration. Ofcourse there is none xD

  • *_DONG_* Zhuo.

  • No mention of Zhuge Liang? :sad:

  • This is currently #9 on trending for gaming.

  • I remember Akame Ga Kill because of this. UwU

  • @oversimplified you should do a video on 9/11

  • As a Chinese, let me just simplify the story even more 3 kings fighting each other and there is someone in one of the country and just *YEET* all of them at the same time becoming the final winner

  • Your video is very helpful! Also, do viewers submits their own ideas or you think all of it on your own?

  • 其实大多数人读的是三国演义,而不是三国志,三国演义是小说不是史实,三国志和三国演义的差别有些地方挺大的

  • At 6:17 Hitler's father decided to come spank a eunich

  • 3:20 you mean Zhang Jiao

  • Hey dude, can you make a video about the French Revolution? I absolutely love your videos btw

  • I'm a Chinese and getting to know Chinese history in English (which I have been learning in Chinese for my whole life) is so amazing

  • I saw That Yellow Jacket. :) WWG1WGA

  • I really like your videos. it would be great to see you cover the rebel Queen Zenobia's fight with the Roman Empire.

  • 6:12 in the back Hitler's dad

  • For xia you gotta make like a snake sound, let's start with the xi-. *xi-* is between thi- and si-, like you're lisping, *sthee-* if we were to try and spell it. But we can forget that, just put your tongue between your teeth a bit like you're making a snake sound, start like you're gonna say the word "the" but then say the word *"see"* instead. Congratulations, you just pronounced one of the top three most difficult Mandarin sounds like a Chinese person. For xia we just add in the 'ah' , ssthss th- see-ah! Boom.

  • video on bangladesh liberation war plzz

  • Goddamn never really appreciated how clean Chinese slogans are until I saw the translated versions.

    • +Aoa Tee Well the yellow turban's slogan in Chinese is 苍天已死黄天当道,a total of 8 syllabals. The translation just doesn't have the same ring to it.

    • What do you mean?

  • The Chinese Game of Dynasties. Ah, HBO will pick it up and make another billions off of it.

  • The Eunuchs killed He Jin, this enraged Adolf’s father, who punished them severely. 6:07

  • 6.20 Alois Hitler is spanking someone

  • Do civil war

  • Kudos to you so much....>.

  • 6:14 Alois Hitler is hitting someone

    • It may mean that these eunuchs are perverted and unregulated children like Adolf Hitler.


  • Hey over simplified Do a video on the great Northern war

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  • 4:18 - 4:25 you are pronoucing them right ( and I know cuz i am chinese) btw i luv yur content it helped me with my history classes

  • Good video, wished pronunciation was accurate.

  • 6:17 lol that person from ww2

  • Hi, yeah can I get oversimplified - Soviet Union so I don't fail history, thanks.

  • You gotta do the PewDiePie vs T-Series war, even if it isn't over yet


  • 6:18 OH Nani?!Hitlers DAD? IS THAT YOU IN THE BACK?!

  • Can you please do the Civil War Oversimplified!?

  • Dude, you should totally do some videos on the Roman Empire. Your content fucking rocks.

  • So that's basically how Dynasty Warriors became a game series and I think the word is Harem of Concubines, not Polygamy (Step Mothers) 🤣

  • This is basically battle royale right?

  • when you going to do the american civil war?

  • Do you only make videos when you get sponsers

  • Lmao hitlers dad is spamming the royal eunuchs

  • 3:52 ... ... Paris?

  • 给力嗷铁子


  • Dynasty warriors is better

  • i love ur channel.

  • 6:09 hahaha I didn't know Hitler's father massacred them too hahahahaha!!

  • 「蒼天已死,黃天當立,歲在甲子,天下大吉」

  • 3:06 A pizza 3:53 A French dude 6:09 A eunuch is being punished severely by spanking by Hitler's father 6:36 Rick-rolled by the Chinese writing on the wall "Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down "

  • Can you do the spanish civil war next?

  • 3:52 Vive la revolution!!!!!!!

  • Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaas I'm waiting for French revolution

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  • Can you make the Spanish American war please 😄😄😄😄

  • What about ottoman empire?

  • Cao Cao is also a great poet.He was wrote some famous poems such as Guan Cang Hai(观沧海) 观沧海 东临碣石,以观沧海。 水何澹澹,山岛竦峙。 树木丛生,百草丰茂。 秋风萧瑟,洪波涌起。 日月之行,若出其中。 星汉灿烂,若出其里。 幸甚至哉,歌以咏志。 translate: Gazing Out Across the Ocean Come east of Jieshi Cliff I gaze out across the ocean, Its rolling waves Studded with rocks and islets; Dense the trees and bushes here, Rank the undergrowth; The autumn wind is soughing, Huge billows are breaking. Sun and moon take their course As if risen from the sea; The bright galaxy of stars Seems sprung from the deep . And so ,with joy in my heart, I hum this song.

  • Nice video, I read 3 kingdoms when I was a kid but totally forgot most of them after I grew up, now it's coming back

  • you should do the American civil war that would be cool

  • Who else knows all of this because of dynasty warriors?