We Got Married...(Pt. 2/4)

Joylandi 13-Apr, 2019
The Day i Committed To My Bestfriend!!

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  • you have to be at least 18 years old to get married. and if you're 16-17 you need consent from a parent. Danielle is "15 years old" so even if she isn't lying about her age, theres no way she would be allowed to legally be married as of right now

  • It’s fake guys search the name up on google it’s made for fake weddings

  • Okay I have to say those two are dumb as hell. Treating expecting a child as a joke basically....they have no idea how much being a parent takes. Like there last video talking about how it’s not a big deal they can still go out and stuff And the way their parents acted so surprised and blaming one another when in fact they treat their children wayyyy older than their age, wtf did you expect?! Partly they’re to blame for how they’re raising them like there in their 20s But what “Elvis” said at the end of their “ceremony” honestly was incredibly right.

  • Thats the worst wedding I've seen Also SHES 15 WTF

  • Sebastian Topete has left the chat

  • Two years ago you were making a music video about how no boys were allowed and now you got fucked and are getting married what the fuck has my country come to Edit: ik this is fake

  • This shit fake asf😂😂😂😂

  • what the fuck. is this. shit.

  • *when u take dress up time a lil too seriously*

  • Your a actual nonce pls commit not exist

  • 2019 the year humans officially became the dumbest species ever

  • tha fuck ?

  • I lost 13:36 minutes of my life watching this ;-;

  • Married at age 15? hmmm

  • why all of this reminds me Jake Paul ????????

  • Wtf, how does this channel have 1.2 mill subs, tf are you guys doing, smh 🤦‍♂️

  • I don’t want to be mean but we all know this is going to and in a F-ing divorce sad

  • Just wanted to point this out, but the veil in front of the face is actually supposed to resemble virginity, but we all know that ain’t the case if she is “pregnant” 😂😂 lmao😂👌🏻

  • Te vas a casar a los 15 años queeee

  • She did not get married she took fake wedding Fotos it's so fake I spilled the tea sorry you need to say that he true spill the tea say it

  • ?

  • 7:45 Danielle: "Should I throw the bouquet". Me: A bouquet of fake flowers from Dollar tree

  • WTF?

  • Wth is that AT YOUR HOUSEE???

  • danielle bregoli is the same way but worse

  • im crying in this video lmao

  • so if this is real your a fugitive you cannot leglly get married until 18

  • He doesn't even look happy lol

  • u are 15 and u are getting married instead of you getting grades and a job u are getting MARRIED.u have disapointed me

  • Why marry at such a young age

  • He doesn't look happy at all..

  • Okay your a popular person and have the most smallest wedding in the world I don't get it why do you have to fake a wedding and a pregnancy thats stupid its not gonna get you anywhere in life trying to be popular and you also need to get better actors to play in your fake wedding and I'm pretty sure you don't go to a dentist office to get a ultrasound so.....

  • Chewing while getting married ok

  • Those three guys at 1:18 could potentially be Dani’s next boyfriends Stay tune guys

  • So we’re not gonna talk about she wakes down the awl the wrong way😂

  • what is happening to these kids nowadays?

  • He said best friend!!!!!!!!!!!! And BFF

  • Fucking hoe get cancer

  • TheRealRed pe zona😂

  • the mirror.

  • 15 year old.

  • *AnY tIme NOw dR phIlL*

  • Fake

  • Weird... but nice quality photos.

  • I think I threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  • demi adsense 🤠

  • Are they really married??!!! Did they really got married??!! And did she got pregnant as well??!!!!

  • I’m pretty sure I cannot get married right now unless they have their parents’ consent. I think you have to be 16 at least that is what it’s like in my state I don’t know about their’s.

  • This is fake wedding

  • Lier you can't get married at 15

  • This is fake I went to there website and it said pretend wedding photos


  • This is how many people now this is fake and hate her👇🏽

  • what a wedding dress😅😢

  • For real us this real she is so stuip she gets pregnant at a young she ruiend her life and her mom doesnt give a fuck do you guys agree

  • At 3:04 a woman in the back shakes her head I love that

  • Um ur legally ur not even alloud to get married at 15 yrs old and u can tell haow fake this is because knowing her she would have a whole fiesta for her wedding

  • So fake 🤣 they would never say “do you wanna Mary your BFF” like...

  • your to young to get married

  • who the frick wheres that to a wedding??

  • I thought Jojo Siwa was worse

  • This is illegal she should not be married in a small age birth get the fuck out of here period!!!

  • they are all CrAcKlInG bc this is stupid and fake I mean, to give promise rings, you don't have to pretend to get married so...

  • Everyone needs to unsubscribe to this Channel she’s using the money to do all of the stuff that she’s not supposed be doing at the age of 13/14 whatever she wants to call it we’re giving her the money by subscribing commenting and liking these videos that she is lying about so hopefully everyone decides to unsubscribe and not give her money to play around with getting married having a baby when you’re still a baby and don’t know how to lie good at all if you’re gonna play people at least do right where is your mom where is your dad where is your caretaker what are they doing for you since you feel so grown how about you take this little UZ-tv Money And move on out of your moms house start paying your own bills start to prepare to take care of this so called baby that’s on the way since you are so grown stop lying about the dumbest things be a normal UZ-tvr there’s no reason for you to be acting like this Photoshopping your pictures just be real about it you can delete my comment but it will change the fact that I’m right people might still like you if you tell the truth you’re lying and it’s hard to keep up a lie so you have another to cover that one up don’t you get tired of that ? Why don’t you wake up and be a normal teenager for one day stop trying to be someone you’re not sit down somewhere I have no idea why you think that these little tiny shorts and Bra is going to cover you hun I hope you read this can you open your eyes And see that no one is bringing you down but yourself

  • 12-15 AND GETTING MARRIED a huh totally *SURE* Like This is illegal wtf

  • This is the dumbest shit I have ever seen😂😂

  • Shoutout to the stoner sucking on the ring pop

  • Kahba

  • No u didn’t lair look it’s said fake wedding I’m not stupid it’s on tik tok

  • cringe af

  • Awww there even faking a wedding this is so fake go to the place or website they went to get “married “ and it says u can fake a wedding u just have to rent it like busted this is so fake

  • Boyfriend: how fake do you want it? Dani: yes

  • The. Chapel they went to has a sign that says something like fake marriage photos like why

  • Dude get real

  • Im ashamed of them

  • U tried really hard to make a STUPID prank


  • You thot

  • Dani at 12: getting married Me at 13: watching my Little pony and not dating, or wearing makeup

  • Your like 13 tho...like people these days.

  • *It’s not even legal for her to get married 🤨*

  • That's not a wedding

  • How old are you again

  • Is this actually real.


  • If you go to Dani’s insta acc and you wil click an little Vegas you wil see that ITS FAKEE ES HELLL JEBOTE 😪😪😂😂


  • Nobody: Dani: * Chews her gum throughout her entire wedding *

  • 0:56 😂😂

  • This is fake cause it says fake weddings on the sign

  • that's the worst wedding gown i've seen in my whole life O_0

  • Lmaooooooo This video faker than ur photo shop 😂

  • Omggg im srry i still dont think this is tru cause they said bsf not wife im srry i dont

  • You are not married stop saying that you are married ok we know we’re you went.

  • you got it from the website

  • Wtf

  • shes so younge...


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  • Was anyone distracted by the mior